YonoStore is a marketplace for the state-of-the-art blocks, datasets, and ready-made runtime environments. YonoStore is fully accessible by both the online users and the users of any on-premises Yonohub, while still protecting everyone’s intellectual property.

It is always hard to implement algorithms published in research papers and achieve the claimed results. It is also time-consuming to find the source code of many algorithms and set up their environments. It is also essential to benchmark new algorithms against the competition using various datasets. To tackle these challenges, use YonoStore to get the state-of-the-art blocks, datasets, and runtime environments and use them instantly with other YonoApps, such as YonoArc, YonoJobs.

Share and monetize your blocks, while still protecting your intellectual property.

Pay-as-you-go or purchase the state-of-art blocks and use them instantly in YonoArc.

Fully accessible by on-premises
deployments of Yonohub!