Schedule long-running jobs, such as training machine learning models, at your preferred times with the hardware resources (e.g., CPUs and GPUs) you need. If you have an on-premises multi-site deployment of Yonohub, you can choose to execute your jobs close to the data they need.


Whether you have enough hardware resources or not, and whether your hardware resources are distributed over multiple sites or not, it is not easy to make the best use of the hardware resources all the time. Teams struggle to organize access to hardware resources and data that are distributed in multiple sites. To tackle these challenges, use YonoJobs to schedule jobs close to the data they need and maximize the utilization of under-utilized resources.

Run or schedule long-running jobs in the cloud or using your existing infrastructure.

In a multi-site environment,
run your jobs close to the data they need.

Maximize the utilization of any under-utilized resources
during off hours.

Avoid the hassle of setting up runtime environments by re-using your YonoEBuilder environments.