Yonohub Team is a group experts specialized in Autonomous Robotic Systems and Cloud System Solutions. We provide Engineering Services and Product Development that fits all scales, whether it’s MVP, Prototype, or Production.

Our services in Autonomous Robotics Development include System Architecture, Software Development, Designing and Running Simulations, Porting on target hardware, and Production Tuning.

This is in addition to our advanced expertise in architecting cloud solutions. We have onboard Cloud Architects, DevOps, Frontend, and Backend Engineers. Whether you want to build a complete Cloud Platform, need support in Hybrid Cloud architecture, or building CI/CD Cloud pipeline for your software, our experts team will analyze and implement your use case.

Autonomous Robotics Development

System Architecture

Building Autonomous Robotics requires many architecture decisions. Which Hardware Platform to use? Edge Resources or Cloud Resources? Distributed Computing and communication architecture between multiple autonomous systems.

Our experts will guide through all these decisions and provide a complete system architecture for the given idea or requirements.

Software Development

– Languages: C, C++, Python, Octave, Matlab,..etc.
– Technologies: ROS1, ROS2, DDS, IoT, MQTT, RTOS.
– Classic Algorithms and AI Machine Learning / Reinforcement Learning.
– Develop application specific components and integrate off-the-shelf components.
– Porting components to different hardware platforms with complex drivers.


Through our long portfolio of projects, we have worked with complex robotic simulation environments for various domains and industries. Our experience includes but not limited to: Gazebo, rVIZ, Stage, AWS RoboMaker, GzWeb, Controllers,.. etc. We leverage the cloud resources to create powerful and comprehensive simulations that save cost and money in production.

Hardware Deployment

Deploying Autonomous Robotics Software in production environment requires the fine tuning of different parameters to achieve best results. Our Engineers can either remotely debug and analyze the deployment parameters or do this on-site for complex environments.

Cloud Solutions Services

Cloud Architecture

Design and build complex Cloud / Hybrid System Solutions for various domains. Our Cloud Architects will support you in designing the complete architecture of your Cloud Platform, CI/CD Pipeline, or your specific use case.

Resources Utilization

Through Kubernetes combined with our in-house orchestration methods, we make sure that all resources are well utilized. Hybrid Cloud architecture enables you to utilize local resources and scale up to the Cloud only when needed.

Distributed Computing

For best utilization of bandwidth and computational resources, 0ur architects provides expert solutions for distributed computing. Software Solutions are configured to run across different physical resources, whether these resources reside in the same geographical location or inter-continental clusters.

Cloud-Native Web Applications

Cloud-Native Applications have many advantages such as: ease of collaboration between users, enabling remote working, and managing licenses / subscriptions. We provide services of developing web-based cloud applications and migrating legacy Desktop Apps to Cloud-Native Web Applications.