You only need one hub

Yonohub is the first cloud-based system for designing, sharing, and evaluating complex systems, such as Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS, and Robotics. Yonohub features a drag-and-drop tool to build complex systems consisting of many blocks, a marketplace to share and monetize blocks, a builder for custom environments, and much more.

Yonohub Use Cases

Yonohub - Development On Cloud

  • Develop on the cloud. Eliminate the need to download code and data.
  • Use cloud IDEs directly on Yonohub: Jupyter Notebook, Cloud9, or Visual Studio Code.
  • Use local IDEs with remote execution on the cloud.
  • Use your own tools and applications and launch them through Custom Apps.
  • Access and execute on remote computational clusters and datasets through Deployment Regions.
  • Collaborate with team members by sharing blocks, datasets, environments, and pipelines.
  • Publish and monetize your blocks on YonoStore. Purchase and use blocks from 3rd party developers.

Robotics And ROS

  • Use ROS nodes as YonoArc blocks.
  • Seamlessly integrate blocks of different technologies (ROS, Python, MATLAB, Octave, AUTOSAR, etc.)
  • Encapsulate each block/node with its complex development environment and have it run everywhere.
  • Use ready simulator blocks like Gazebo and CARLA or integrate your own simulator as a block.
  • Visualize your environment with RViz or any custom visualizer.
  • Deploy partial or complete pipeline on your hardware and robots for data acquisition, control, or processing.
  • Integrate custom optimized data acquisition protocols to your cloud blocks.

Yonohub - ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles

  • Algorithms prototyping and evaluation through easy deployment on hardware/ECUs in moving vehicles.
  • Distributed execution of YonoArc blocks between HIL benches, In-Vehicle ECUs, and the Cloud.
  • Deploy blocks for data acquisition and recording directly to the cloud.
  • Integrate algorithm code or models with other software components whether AUTOSAR, ROS, C++, Python, MATLAB, or Octave.
  • Develop and execute against large datasets available directly through YonoStore.
  • Use custom tools for flashing, debugging, and monitoring through Custom Apps.
  • Use ready simulators and visualization blocks on Yonohub like CARLA, Gazebo, and RViz. Easily add custom simulators and visualization blocks.

Yonohub - AI and Machine Learning

  • Build complex independent environments with different versions (PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc.)
  • Flat pay-as-you-go prices for execution on the cloud whether for development, training, or deployment.
  • Schedule long-running jobs through YonoJobs.
  • Provide custom APIs to your AI/ML models through Custom Apps.
  • Continuous online learning for AI/ML models through deployment on hardware in the field.

  • Use AUTOSAR SWCs or Adaptive AUTOSAR Applications as blocks on YonoArc.
  • Run Software-In-the-Loop simulation with software components across complete vehicle and algorithm models/code.
  • Developed Adaptive AUTOSAR Applications Pipelines can be deployed as-is directly on hardware.
  • Easily add or remove features in runtime on Adaptive AUTOSAR ECUs through YonoArc live updates.
  • Run your AUTOSAR Generators and Tools on the cloud through Custom Apps.
  • YonoArc handles the communication between the SWC and Adaptive Application ports.

  • With Deployment Region feature, deploy your blocks on actual Hardware.
  • HIL Simulation Scenarios can easily be tested through distributed execution of blocks on hardware-under-test and the Cloud.
  • Eliminate the need of customized HILs by developing generic blocks for reusing across different projects.
  • Deploy Blocks on multiple HIL benches and HW.
  • Develop blocks encapsulated with required resources (Camera, CAN, Ethernet, Debuggers,…etc).

  • Blocks in a single pipeline can be based on heterogeneous complex environments.
  • Seamless integration of blocks of different technologies (ROS, Python, Matlab, Octave, Autosar SWCs, or Adaptive Applications).
  • Simulate complete Vehicle SW over cloud: Software Components on different ECUs, Algorithms, Adaptive AUTOSAR Applications.
  • Each block is encapsulated with its underlining environment and requirements.

You Only Need One Hub

  • Deploy and evaluate components on HW HIL benches or ECUs in moving vehicles.
  • Run the complete vehicle SIL models over the cloud and validate different ECUs scenarios.
  • Seamless Integration of suppliers' SIL models based on different technologies.
  • Validate, evaluate and benchmark suppliers' solutions against private datasets.
  • Protect all IPs between OEMs and suppliers.

  • Deploy Yonohub On-Premises to manage multi-site computing clusters and data centers for maximum utilization.
  • Provide development teams seamless access to remote clusters and executing against remote datasets.
  • Eliminate the need to move or duplicate datasets to multi-sites around the globe.
  • Speed up development and collaboration by developing, integrating, and deploying on HW through the cloud.
  • Ease of integration and collaboration between different teams and technologies.

  • Eliminate investment on local clusters and computational resources.
  • Speed up development and progress with development and integration over the cloud.
  • Simple PAYG pricing to eliminate unnecessary extra costs.
  • Enable potential customers to easily integrate, evaluate, and benchmark your algorithms while protecting IPs.
  • Test algorithms and solutions against datasets directly available on Yonohub.
  • Utilize local clusters and only scale to cloud resources when needed.

  • Develop, integrate, and execute on the cloud. Eliminate the need of local resources.
  • Collaborate with team members through shareable environments, blocks, datasets, and pipelines.
  • Publish research papers as blocks on YonoStore for ease of integration and evaluation.
  • Enable industry partners to evaluate research progress against private datasets and models while protecting IPs.
  • Get sponsored access to use Yonohub Cloud Resources and Pro Apps. Contact us to learn more about sponsorship options.
  • Deploy Yonohub on-premises to efficiently utilize of labs & computing clusters.

  • Participants easily submit their solutions in form of encapsulated blocks.
  • Participants access the datasets directly available on Yonohub without downloading them.
  • Participants get to publish and monetize their blocks through YonoStore.
  • Organizers can easily integrate and evaluate participants blocks without complex environments hassle.
  • Organizers can easily benchmark different participants' blocks side by side.
  • Contact us to learn more about comptitions and challenges sponsorship options.

  • Support innovation teams and startups through cloud computational resources and Yonohub Apps.
  • Startups and innovation teams get to focus on their ideas.
  • Industry partners can easily integrate and evaluate the innovation ideas.
  • Innovation teams get to publish their work as blocks on YonoStore for exposure and monetization.
  • Enhance collaboration between startups, innovation teams, and industry partners.

Yonohub features several innovative built-in apps (in addition to other third party apps):

Mix and match building blocks to build complex systems. YonoArc provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to build and evaluate complex systems consisting of many building blocks, fully abstracted from their different runtime environments and resource requirements. See more

YonoStore is a marketplace for the state-of-the-art blocks, datasets, and ready-made runtime environments. YonoStore is fully accessible by both the online users and the users of any on-premises Yonohub, while still protecting everyone’s intellectual property. See more

Never waste your time resolving conflicts in your runtime environments. With just a few clicks, YonoEBuilder builds your custom environment with all the packages and dependencies you need. You can also reuse the environments shared by your teams or published on YonoStore. See more

Schedule long-running jobs, such as training machine learning models, at your preferred times with the hardware resources (e.g., CPUs and GPUs) you need. If you have an on-premises multi-site deployment of Yonohub, you can choose to execute your jobs close to the data they need. See more
Yonohub is full of team collaboration features. Teams can collaborate and share their work in Yonohub apps: GitLab for source code, YonoArc for blocks, YonoEBuilder for runtime environments, and YonoDrive for datasets. Teams can also publicly share their work by publishing on YonoStore. 

Yonohub features several essential third party applications for simulation, interactive computing, machine learning, visualization, etc.

Deploy Yonohub on-premises, on your preferred public cloud, or even hybrid! In any case, you still have full access to YonoStore with its state-of-the-art blocks, datasets, and runtime environments. See more…

Yonohub protects your intellectual property by keeping your blocks confidential, while still being able to monetize them by publishing on YonoStore. You can also safely analyze your proprietary datasets with the blocks you get from YonoStore.