Deploy Yonohub on-premises, on your preferred public cloud, or even hybrid! In any case, you still have full access to YonoStore with its state-of-the-art blocks, datasets, and runtime environments.

If you have several regional offices that have machines with different hardware resources (CPUs, GPUs, etc.), huge datasets that are impractical to upload to the cloud, and multiple R&D teams that need access to these datasets, deploy a single on-premises multi-site Yonohub. Your teams will be able to see a single pool of hardware resources and datasets. Yonohub is location-aware and uses resources efficiently.

Deployment Options

On-premises if you have data that you must keep on-premises.

Public cloud if you need to leverage the massive infrastructure of your preferred cloud provider.

Hybrid if you need the best of both worlds.

Resource Management

Leverage your resources (CPUs, GPUs, etc.) to achieve the requirements at the lowest possible monetary cost

Manage resources and datasets existing in several geographically distributed locations.

Scale from a few machines to thousands of machines with or without intervention.