Yonohub uses a pay-as-you-go per-second pricing model across the board. You pay only for the resources you are using right now, for as long as you use them, and without any long-term commitments, complex licensing, or termination fees. This applies to all types of resources, including CPUs, GPUs, and even storage.


Starting Prices

$0.9 PER HOUR**

$0.0416 PER HOUR**

Resource Models***

In order to meet the requirements of different workloads, Yonohub offers four resource models with different CPU, memory, SSD, and GPU resources.

Resource credits can be used towards any resource models used in any Yonohub app within a year. These credits can be purchased from YonoStore.

GK1 at $0.9 per Hour

Optimal for machine learning training workloads and any other GPU-intensive algorithms or simulators

C8 at $0.384 per Hour

Excellent for CPU-intensive and bandwidth-intensive workloads

C2 at $0.096 per Hour

Suitable for moderate workloads even if they are bandwidth-intensive

C1 at $0.0416 per Hour

Great for developing algorithms using Jupyter, or any other lightweight workloads

1GB at $0.023 per Month

Storage designed for handling large and infrequently changed datasets

* Sign up today and get $25 credits and an extra $25 when using your professional email.

** All prices include bandwidth and high-performance SSD.

*** Research labs and educational institutes can apply for sponsored access with extra credits. Contact us now to apply.